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The Jungle Book

A pleasing mix of old and new, "The Jungle Book" is a fine family film with CGI action and just enough musical numbers.
Ghostbusters remake Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Melissa McCarthy


Both an affront to the original and a worthy successor, "Ghostbusters" succeeds on the strength of its leads.

The Jungle Book

A mix of stunning CGI creatures and nods to the 1967 animated classic, "The Jungle Book" is a kid-pleasing mashup of somethings old and new.

Reeling Backward: Little Shop of Horrors

The joy in watching, and rewatching, “Little Shop of Horrors” is that the cast has fun right along with the audience.

Bill Murrary will be in the Ghostbusters remake

If there’s something strange in their neighborhood, who are the new Ghostbusters gonna call? Bill Murray! That’s right! Bill Murray will be in the new Ghostbusters remake. As previously reported, Dan Aykroyd will be in it as well. No word yet on if Ernie Hudson will officially appear, or if the new movie will pay […]

St. Vincent

Bill Murray gives a career-best turn as a sour pill of a man who doesn't secretly have a heart of gold, and even if he did, he drowned it in booze long ago.

The Monuments Men

One of the more disappointing films of 2013, "The Monuments Men" features a great bunch of ingredients that never come together in a satisfying way.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

After his last few misfires, Wes Anderson strikes gold with this elegant and enjoyable mix of European darkness and existential light.