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About Time

by Christopher Lloydon October 30, 2013
A romantic movie with a mountain of smarts as well as heart, "About Time" is way more ambitious than your average romcom.

Coming to DVD & Blu-ray Nov. 6

by Jessica Sieffon November 5, 2012
Santa's secret North Pole operations set the stage for adventure in "Arthur Christmas" and later this week, Andrew Garfield is "The Amazing Spider-Man."

Arthur Christmas

by Joe Donohueon November 4, 2012
Despite a lot of the holiday movie clichés, “Arthur Christmas” still has enough charm and holiday spirit to warm your heart and bring a tear to your eye.

Total Recall

by Christopher Lloydon August 3, 2012
I didn't think it possible, but they've done a remake of "Total Recall" that is less contemplative than the first one. This is not an insult.

At the Mountains of Movie Madness — Week One

by Austin Lugaron June 19, 2012
A summer-long marathon of randomly recommended films begins with two Maggie Smith movies, a fascinating comedy and two "things" that can only be described as incomprehensible.


by Christopher Lloydon July 12, 2011
A wondrously loopy, occasionally psychedelic animated flick starring Johnny Depp as a chameleon, and not just when it comes to the color of his pebbly skin.


by Christopher Lloydon March 3, 2011
A neon-colored, sun-baked fantasia that's part Western spoof and part surrealist jag.

Pete Postlethwaite: Actor and Activist

by Zoe Chapmanon January 10, 2011
It’s about that British bloke with the funny name.

Doctor Who Series Five

by Austin Lugaron November 24, 2010
"All of time and space. Everything that ever was or ever will be. Where do you want to start?"

The Success of Harry Potter

by Austin Lugaron November 17, 2010
How did a book series that started 12 years ago become one of the highest grossing franchises in film history?