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Monsters University - inside

Monsters University

"Monsters University" features a lot of cool screwy monsters, the estimable vocal talents of Billy Crystal and John Goodman and not much else.
Monsters University - inside

Monsters University

Though clearly inferior to its predecessor, "Monsters University" is still an enjoyable romp with two old, likable chums.

small apt - interior

Small Apartments

Unlike most films with all-star casts, "Small Apartments" effectively micro-manages it's myriad of familiar faces. The outcome of which is a uniquely funny dark comedy.
Parental Guidance - inside

Parental Guidance

Warm and schmaltzy, “Parental Guidance” is not terribly ambitious, but it does the things it sets out to do well.

Monsters Inc inside

Pixar Talk: Monsters Inc.

This week, the duo talks about how Boo is the most adorable kid ever and how cool the door chase scene was. In a very academic way, of course ...
Monsters Inc - lede

Heroes of the Zeroes: Monsters, Inc.

"Monsters, Inc." — a light, tender romp from the animation wizards at Pixar — continues Nick Rogers' look at the 365 best films of 2000-2009.

Tooth Fairy - inside

Tooth Fairy

"Tooth Fairy" is derivative, family-friendly pap ... and yet I just couldn't bring myself to hate it.
Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy

The type of movie that will make kids no longer excited to lose their baby teeth.