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review for Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man

A tremendous rendition of the Web Slinger, but it could have been even better.
Scream 4

Scream 4

A mostly ho-hum entry, the tank is running dry on the "Scream" series.

Nightmare before Christmas inside

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Christoween classic is only worth getting if you have a 3D TV and Blu-ray player.
Exporting Raymond inside

Exporting Raymond

A fun, accessible, airy documentary that speaks about cultural differences between America and our Russian friends filtered through a piece of Americana.

Limitless inside


A modern film dripping with '80s sleaze, "Limitless" is an enjoyably slimy yuppie fantasy that oozes machismo.
GUlliver's Travels inside

Gulliver’s Travels

A steaming, stinking heap of rotten monkey excrement, "Gulliver's Travels" is a poor excuse for a film and nothing resembling legitimate entertainment.

THe Incredibles inside

The Incredibles

Pixar's marvelous take on the superhero movie gets a Blu-ray treatment worthy of a film of its stature.
Skyline inside


"Skyline" manages to make alien invasions seem dull, handled with all the force and know-how of a school-board meeting.