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Kong: Skull Island

It took innumerable tries, but they finally made one that lives up to the legacy of the original with a brash mix of action and humor.

Free Fire

An arms deal goes wrong, bullets fly…and that’s about it. Despite a stellar cast, “Free Fire” doesn’t have much to offer that you haven’t already seen before.

Kong: Skull Island

Gloriously funny and thrilling, the year's first real thrill-ride blockbuster delivers in a big way. No bones about it: This Kong is the real deal.

Brie Larson is working on a deal to be Captain Marvel

She dealt with a bad guy in “Room”. Noe, she might go toe-to-toe with a bad guy again! Brie Larson is working on a deal to take on the role of Captain Marvel a.k.a. Carol Danvers. This is going to be Marvel Studios’ first movie that gives the spotlight to a female superhero. Captain Marvel […]

Apparently, you can see Leo in ‘Room’

Well, it’s safe to say last night was “As Good as it Gets” for Brie Larson and Leonardo DiCaprio. They got the top prizes at the Oscars last night: Best Actor and Best Actress. A24, one of the companies responsible for bringing “Room” to the big screen, is comparing their wins to when “As Good […]

Fearless Oscar predictions and picks

Chris lays out his arguments, hopes and delusions in predicting the Academy Award winners for 2015.

“Spotlight,” “Room” win top honors from Indiana Film Journalists Association

Indiana film critics named "Spotlight" the best film of the year, while "Room" came in as runner-up. Click for complete awards coverage.

ReelBob: Room

A mother and her 5-year-old son try to make the best of a horrific situation, relying on their love and strong bond for each other.