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Death Wish

Bruce Willis once again gives a lifeless performance in an otherwise lifeless movie

Pulp Fiction

The most important film of the past 30 years is to be shown April 8 at the Old National Centre. Don't miss it!

Red 2

Despite a lengthy runtime and some uneven storytelling, "Red2," is still a must own this holiday season.


Three years ago, "RED" stood for "Retired, Extremely Dangerous." In this unnecessary, uninspired sequel, it's more like "Redundant, Extremely Disappointing."

Win “A Good Day to Die Hard” on Blu Ray!

Win a copy of “A Good Day to Die Hard” on blu ray, just in time for Father’s Day! 1) Go to The Film Yap (, read any story, and post a comment on that story’s comments page. 2) Send an e-mail to informing us that you have answered the question. Don’t forget to […]

A Good Day to Die Hard

"A Good Day to Die Hard" delivers on it's promise of grandiose gunfire and seat-shaking explosions. Yet, if you're looking for that memorable McClane wit or even an interesting storyline, turn away now.

Coming to DVD & Blu-ray Jan. 1

Ring in the New Year with a few leading men. Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt star in "Looper" and Robert Pattinson stars in the psychological thriller "Cosmopolis" on DVD and Blu-ray this week.


Though the story may get a little screwy toward the end, this ambitious time-traveling drama is one of 2012's most audacious films.