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Frankenweenie Binge inside-1

The Burton Binge: “Frankenweenie”

In the triumphant finale to his look back at all of Tim Burton's movies, Sam reviews "Frankenweenie" and hands out his best-and-worst Burton awards.
Dark Shadows-inside

The Burton Binge: “Dark Shadows”

As dense and twisty as its soap opera source material, this latter Burton effort blithely juggles droll humor and tragic romance.


The Burton Binge: “Alice in Wonderland”

This week, Tim Burton tumbles down the rabbit hole, delivering a surprisingly personal commentary along the way.
Sweeney todd inside

The Burton Binge: “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street”

This adaptation of the 1979 stage musical is easily Burton's grimmest work.

corpse bride-inside

The Burton Binge: “Corpse Bride”

Tim Burton returns to the world of hand-crafted wonder for this delightfully whimsical fairy tale romance.

The Burton Binge: “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”

A backwards step from "Big Fish," this film features one of the few Burton worlds to which you'll want to remain an outsider.


The Burton Binge: “Big Fish”

Tim Burton's most personal and poignant film since "Edward Scissorhands," "Big Fish" is a seamless fusion of magic and reality.
Planet of the Apes-inside

The Burton Binge: “Planet of the Apes”

The film unlike anything Tim Burton has ever made ... but not in a good way.

sleepy hollow-inside

The Burton Binge: “Sleepy Hollow”

Horror buff Nile Arena joins Sam to discuss Burton's best genre experiment since "Batman."

The Burton Binge: “Mars Attacks!”

In his follow-up to "Ed Wood," Tim Burton fails precisely where that filmmaker did in creating a kooky kitsch-fest that is fun but ultimately hollow.


The Burton Binge: “Ed Wood”

To many critics, this film is Tim Burton’s mark of legitimacy — his big, beautiful step into biographical, black-and-white, Oscar-friendly territory.
batman returns-inside

The Burton Binge: “Batman Returns”

This week, Sam debates with a friend about the "Batman" sequel that displays more of director Tim Burton's sensibilities than the Dark Knight's.

edward scissorhands inside

The Burton Binge: “Edward Scissorhands”

Out of all of Tim Burton's outsider dramas, this one is easily his most personal, poignant and imaginative.

The Burton Binge: “Batman”

Seamlessly balancing surreal imagery with emotional authenticity, Tim Burton's first foray into blockbusters set a standard for all comic-book films to follow.