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Magic Mike XXL

Hard Bodies. Soft Souls.

New to View: Oct. 6

The latest sequels to "Magic Mike" and "Insidious," the documentary "Batkid Begins" and a "Poltergeist" remake lead this week's Blu-ray & DVD releases.


ReelBob: ‘Magic Mike XXL’

Sure, it’s pure popcorn — and it knows it. The movie sizzles just enough to heat up your kernels without burning you.
Jupiter Ascending - lede

Jupiter Ascending

Likely the last swing at the big-budget plate for the Wachowski siblings, "Jupiter Ascending" is best experienced through "Mystery Science Theater 3000"-style mockery.

Foxcatcher - inside


One of the more overpraised films of 2014, "Foxcatcher" is a deeply odd character exploration that eventually gets lost in its own dirge-like fog.
Jupiter Ascending - inside

Jupiter Ascending

"Jupiter Ascending" is the sort of awful where you don't even want to criticize or complain. You just feel bad for everyone involved.


A masterpiece of mood that subverts expectations of explosive moments and steadily simmers under your skin.
22 Jump Street - inside

22 Jump Street

It's refreshing to see a movie unafraid to poke fun at itself, though "22 Jump Street" eventually overstays its welcome.