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The Sense of an Ending

Jim Broadbent shines in this contemplation of regret and memory, which is really the story we tell ourselves about ourselves.

45 Years

An unsettling portrait of a long marriage slowly unraveling after secrets are unearthed and buried hurts bubble to the surface.

The Night Porter (1974)

"The Night Porter" is one of the most reviled and celebrated art films of the last half-century. Personally, I don't see the two as mutually exclusive.

Zardoz (1974)

The 1974 loopy cult classic is known as a stoner flick, but writer/director John Boorman actually has some profound things to say amidst the silliness.

The Verdict (1982)

If there's a greater actor in a better role than Paul Newman in "The Verdict," I haven't met it.

Never Let Me Go

Utterly gorgeous in its poignant sadness, this tale of three powerless children is one of 2010's greatest films.

Never Let Me Go

This dystopian tale quietly but heartwrenchingly explores the loves, losses and fates of three children who can't quite grow up.