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A ride on the world's best kiddie coaster, "Goosebumps" delivers family-friendly thrills and coasts on Jack Black's star power.
Chorus movie 2015


This acclaimed tale of loss and reconnection is a mixed bag: equal parts compelling and heavy-handed.

West of Memphis

This, the fourth and final piece of the "West Memphis Three" puzzle, is as inspirational as it is devastating.

They Wore the Red Suit

A heartwarming, albeit cornball, documentary about the life of the ever-diminishing 12-month Santa.

Friends With Kids

As she did with "Kissing Jessica Stein," Jennifer Westfeldt executes an appealing concept in a less-than-stellar way.


No, not the George Clooney film. This "Descendents," aka "Solos" (as it's known in its native Chile) is a zombie movie of mediocre proportions.

Week Two TV Contest Results

The recommendations continue as Austin finds some new favorites and is allowed to legitimately hate "Jersey Shore."

Jess + Moss

A playtime fantasy of 9-year-olds stranded all alone combined with harsh reality, "Jess and Moss" is a wondrous, beautiful film.