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Filming ‘In The Heart of the Sea’ wasn’t for the faint of heart

Filming “In the Heart of the Sea” clearly wasn’t for the faint of heart. “In the Heart of the Sea” is a true story about a 19th-century whaling vessel called the Essex. After the Essex is demolished by a whale, the crew must deal with weather, water and a lack of food. Chris Hemsworth had […]
Lien Chen (Wei Tang) and Nicholas Hathaway flee after a violent attack from nefarious hackers in Universal Pictures' techno-thriller "Blackhat," directed by Michael Mann.


Because we know the muscularity of which Michael Mann is capable, something so flabby feels frustrating — even as it's bleak, brooding, beautiful and watchable.

INDIANAPOLIS!! Win Passes to “Blackhat”!

Win free passes to the new movie directed by Michael Mann and starring "Thor"'s Chris Hemsworth!


Quite possibly the best racing movie ever made, "Rush" is more of a deep character study than just a thrill ride for gearheads.

Thor the Dark World - inside

Thor: The Dark World

Why does Hollywood keep trying to insert some much-unneeded "darkness" into our popcorn movies?


Less a straight racing movie than an excellent character study, "Rush" follows two very different men who clashed while pursuing the same goal.


Red Dawn

Fast-moving & technically astute, this update of America under siege trades less on U.S. anxiety than bankability its stars acquired as the film sat on shelves.
Avengers inside

The Avengers

Even as the comic-book hero genre reaches middle age, "The Avengers" are just hitting their stride.