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Thor: Ragnarok

Despite the screwy juxtaposition of a deep dive into comedy coupled with the potential annihilation of Asgard, "Thor: Ragnarok" brims with entertainment brawn.

MCU Retrospective, Part 9—”Thor: The Dark World”

It may in fact be one of the MCU's weakest entries, but perhaps there's more to "The Dark World" than we give it credit for.

MCU Retrospective, Part 6—”The Avengers”

This week's entry to our series preparing for "Avengers: Infinity War" brings us to the 2012 milestone culmination of Marvel's Phase One: "The Avengers."

MCU Retrospective, Part 4 — “Thor”

In this weekly series, we prepare for "Avengers: Infinity War" by looking back at Marvel's long-running franchise and reviewing each film along the way.

12 Strong

This true story of the first American soldiers to fight back after 9/11 is effective and invigorating, if not especially original.

Thor: Ragnarok

"Ragnarok" doesn't quite escape the Marvel mold in its third act, but the action and improv comedy make it one of the most entertaining in the franchise.


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Chris Hemsworth will have a big part in ‘Star Trek 4’

He’s a dad in real life, and now, he has once again agreed to be a dad to one of the most iconic characters of all time! That’s right, Chris Hemsworth is taking on the role of George Kirk, Captain Kirk’s dad, again! George passed away in the very beginning of the first movie, before […]