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Bad Company (1972)

"Bad Company" is largely a forgotten film, but it marked the beginning of Jeff Bridges' acting a career and Robert Benton's behind the camera.

The Sound of Music (1965)

Sometimes movies just need time to mature before they're fully appreciated; the same goes for movie critics to appreciate them.

The Changeling (1980)

Arriving in the midst of Hollywood's haunted house heyday, "The Changeling" is the stodgy Canadian pretender that knows the words but not the music.

The Outlaw (1943)

Underneath the iconography of Jane Russell's splayed bosom lies a grubby B-Western with ham-handed performances.

You Can’t Take It With You (1938)

Though in most historical views "You Can't Take It With You" marked the pinnacle of Frank Capra's career, it's actually one of his lesser works, and a weak Best Picture winner.

Valdez Is Coming (1971)

Burt Lancaster turns from meek to wrathful in this taut adaptation of the Elmore Leonard Western. Even if he doesn't pass for Mexican.

The Way We Were (1973)

This colorful 1973 romantic drama is most notable for its reversal of traditional gender roles.

Ride the High Country (1962)

A solid Western oater that's gotten a trifle puffed up in reputation over the years, "Ride the High Country" is still a worthy conveyance for two cowboy actors riding off into the sunset.