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‘Non-Sequel’? Nonsense.

In response to breathlessly hyperbolic branding of "Man of Steel" as a "non-sequel," Nick investigates the biggest opening weekends for TRULY original movies.

Cinematic Pet Peeves

A number of critics chime in one what little things in movies are bugging them lately.

Let Me In

This is the very rare Hollywood remake that stands on its own to the original.

Remaking Foreign Films

Hollywood is convinced we hate subtitles so they quickly remake foreign films. But are some of them good?

The Techniques of Horror

Some tricks in horror films are more effective than others. See which ones work for--BOO!

Heroes of the Zeroes: Cloverfield

"Cloverfield" — a thrilling, exhausting tale of a horrible beast — continues Nick Rogers' daily, alphabetical look back at the 365 best films of 2000-2009.