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The World’s End

Wright, Pegg and Frost prove once and for all why they’re among the most exciting creators working in today’s film industry. Continue reading

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You’re Next

Picture “Home Alone” with blood, breasts and bad acting, and you have this unwatchable horror-comedy mess. Continue reading

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Class of 1993: Demolition Man

Showing the Hollywood sign in flames is not for nothing, for “Demolition Man” torches suppositions that a Stallone-Snipes movie must be brain-dead. Continue reading

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Three years ago, “RED” stood for “Retired, Extremely Dangerous.” In this unnecessary, uninspired sequel, it’s more like “Redundant, Extremely Disappointing.” Continue reading

Making One For the Kids

Movie stars want to impress their kids too, you know. Continue reading

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Class of 1993: “So I Married an Axe Murderer”

Those who remember this 1993 comedy quote the loud, Scottish-accented putdowns. But they’re remiss in forgetting the rest of this early gem from Mike Myers. Continue reading

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The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

With the exception of a few throwaway bits, the only convincing bit of hocus pocus in this comedy is the one that makes all the laughs disappear. Continue reading

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Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

An endearingly stupid twist on the classic fairytale, with more gore. Lots of gore. Continue reading

3.5 yaps

The Internship

“The Internship” works as T-shirt-and-jeans comedy — loose-fit comfort and casual, with ’80s plot points faded into its fabric like decades-old salsa stains. Continue reading

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Identity Thief

Overall “Identity Thief” is an enjoyable movie and a great way to spend a Friday night. Don’t expect anything new, but do expect to laugh.
Continue reading

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