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Indy PopCon Convention Diary

  Indy PopCon has quickly become a go-to summer destination for conventiongoers, focusing on all of pop culture rather than simply a “comic con.” Held June 17-19, it doesn’t have a sexy group of big-name headlining guests like perhaps the Wizard World Comic Cons do, but it has a solid group of guests, panels and […]
Drive-in marquee new movie trailers

New movie trailers: Mockingjay, Mad Max, Fifty Shades, More

With many new trailers from Comic Con, this week's crop includes the latest Hunger Games, Fifty Shades of Grey, Mad Max, another Hot Tub, and much more.

Wizard World Indianapolis 2015

Wizard World Convention coming to Indianapolis in 2015

The popular series of comic conventions comes to Indianapolis Feb. 13-15, 2015!


Simon Pegg and Nick Frost co-wrote and star in this charming love letter to nerds.