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New to View: Sept. 22

The sequel to "Pitch Perfect," the first season of the rebooted TV series "The Flash" and an Yves Saint-Laurent biopic lead this week's Blu-ray & DVD releases.
Jason Momoa's Aquaman implores us to Unite the Seven

1st Look: Jason Momoa as Aquaman!

This is what Aquaman will look like in "Batman v Superman" and beyond in the DC Comics Movie Universe. Does it do justice to the character?

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice

Superman and Lois Lane take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Henry Cavill and Amy Adams got doused with the ALS ice bucket on the set of "Batman V Superman." Watch the video here!
Scarlett Johansson in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

“Guardians” and Women in Superhero Movies

Film Yap writer Joe Shearer and filmmaker Kate Chaplin discuss "Guardians of the Galaxy" and the role of women in the modern comic book movie.

Ben Affleck in Daredevil

The 8 Worst Comic-Book Movie Canon Changes, Part 1

When you make a comic-book movie, you have to make changes to the comic's history. But these changes were unnecessary, nonsensical and just plain dumb.

Who Will The Rock Play?

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has announced he will be playing a DC Comics character. But who?

Lex Luthor and Alfred cast in “Man of Steel” sequel

"Superman Vs. Batman" has cast Superman's most famous nemesis and Batman's trusted Butler.