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British Film Focus

Charles Dickens' life is seen from a new perspective, Jude Law pushes the boundaries of his acting and film news from the UK.
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Back to the Eighties: 5 Unfortunate Remakes

The 1980s saw the release of some memorable and classic films that are not being taken out from archives and remade into modern, shallow productions.

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Top 10 TV Episodes of 2011

Austin brings in nine friends to each profile of the best episodes of the year. According to us, "Community" is a lot more popular than the ratings suggest.
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Top 10 TV Seasons of 2011

It turns out the best stories, characters and thrills weren't on the big screen this year but on that smaller one already in your house.

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The Hour

A blending of "Broadcast News," "Three Days of the Condor" and "Mad Men" makes for one of the most fun new TV shows.
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Why GenCon Matters

If you're reading this, you should go to GenCon.

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Doctor Who: Series Six, Part 1

The wonderful show that has something for everyone astounds, terrifies and has plenty of mysteries for its fall return.
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TV Recommendation Contest

Austin will watch whatever show you recommend to him. The best one wins a prize.

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Free Films!: Netflix Instant

Here are some five-star recommendations if you want to test out this free trial.
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TV is Better Than Film

In a piece that could get him fired, Austin talks about what is the more exciting medium right now.

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Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol

Not only is it the show's best Christmas special, but it's also the only original take on the Dickens classic.
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Doctor Who Series Five

"All of time and space. Everything that ever was or ever will be. Where do you want to start?"

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Red Riding Trilogy

This British crime trilogy has an amazing cast, great directors, and is well worth checking out.
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Top TV Shows That Could Be Movies

If Sex and the City can make the transition to cinemas, so can these shows.