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Cinema Blind Spots: My Winnipeg (2007)

What is “My Winnipeg”? Who is Guy Maddin? Austin tells you as he justifies this lesser-known, avant-garde documentary as a true blind spot. Continue reading

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Red Army

A harrowing, sometimes comedic look at politics and nationalism through the prism of a hockey team is equal parts, silly, scary, and spellbinding. Continue reading

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Deli Man

A light, charming trifle, better suited for the Food Network than the silver screen. Continue reading

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Pay 2 Play

“Pay 2 Play” examines the influence of corporate money on politics and free speech. Continue reading

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Becoming Bulletproof

“Becoming Bulletproof” explores the significance, dignity and purpose to be found in lives of the disabled without resorting to being manipulative or romanticizing. Continue reading

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“Marmato” is a provocative documentary about a 500-year-old Colombian mining town that finds itself under siege politically, economically and militarily. Continue reading

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I’m With Phil

After a tornado wreaks havoc in Phil Campbell, Alabama, a global effort is spurred by people who share the small town’s namesake. Continue reading

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Above and Beyond

The inspirational tale of the rise of the Israeli Air Force, “Above and Beyond” is a history lesson of a rarely acknowledged war. Continue reading

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Dean Kamen is best known as the inventor of the Segway, but his enviable search for clean water is the primary focus of the documentary “Slingshot.” Continue reading

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Off the Floor

A moving documentary about the art of pole dancing. Continue reading

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