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Indy Film Fest: ‘The Race of Gentlemen’ ★★1/2

For Indy Film Festival show times and tickets, By Bob Bloom Forget the fast and the furious. Instead, spend some quality time with the dedicated and the driven who participate in “The Race of Gentlemen.” This short documentary — it runs a bit more than an hour — looks at men who participate in […]

Oscar-Nominated Short Films: Documentary

Reviews of all five Oscar-nominated short films -- Documentary.

The Eagle Huntress

An inspiring documentary about a Mongolian girl who dreams of becoming the first female of her people to hunt with eagles.

Dramatic Escape

“Dramatic Escape” is a wonderful documentary that showcases the transformational ability of programs such as Sing Sing's arts outlet.

Through reams of archival footage, A24's "Oasis: Supersonic" takes a look at the Britpop band fronted by brothers Noel (left) and Liam Gallagher.

Oasis: Supersonic

There are few rock 'n' roll flameouts more fascinating than Oasis, but this superficial documentary is too much champagne, not enough supernova.
The Wrong Light sheds light on a child sex slavery buster

The Wrong Light

A harrowing documentary on the evils behind the evils behind the child sex slavery industry, "The Wrong Light" is a must-see.

Heartland: Keep Quiet

A riveting documentary in which a leader in an anti-Semitic Hungarian right-wing political party discovers his Jewish heritage.

Heartland: Bugs on the Menu

A documentary that looks at an untapped food source for mankind.