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Life in a Day inside

Life in a Day

80,000 people submitted videos to show what they did on July 24, 2010. The results are sweet and surprising.
The People vs George Lucas inside

The People vs. George Lucas

After 90 minutes of petty arguments and screaming, I found myself feeling bad for the man behind Jar-Jar.

A scene from ``Page One: Inside the New York Times.''

Page One: Inside the New York Times

If you love journalism, you'll love this movie. If you're on this site, you'll love this movie.
Becoming Santa inside

Becoming Santa

A fun documentary and a change of pace that will certainly lift your holiday spirits.

Wa'a inside

Family of the Wa’a

On the surface, "Family of the Wa'a" is a story about canoes but underneath it has a much deeper tale to tell.
YERT inside - Copy

YERT: Your Environmental Road Trip

A bizarro “An Inconvenient Truth,” if Stephen Colbert kidnapped Al Gore and took the show on the road.

Debbie Peagler in ``Crime After Crime.''

Crime After Crime

“Crime After Crime” is a prime example of the problems that plague our judicial system and how our system sometimes works against us rather than for us.
Kinyarwanda inside


A wrenching drama about the Rwandan genocide, "Kinyarwanda" offers an intimate look at a horrific situation.