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"Becoming Bulletproof" (2014), an official selection for Documentary Feature at the Heartland Film Festival.

Becoming Bulletproof

"Becoming Bulletproof" explores the significance, dignity and purpose to be found in lives of the disabled without resorting to being manipulative or romanticizing.
"Marmato" (2014), directed by Mark Grieco and an official documentary selection at the 2014 Heartland Film Festival.


"Marmato" is a provocative documentary about a 500-year-old Colombian mining town that finds itself under siege politically, economically and militarily.

Phil Campbells unite to help relieve the people of Phil Campbell, Alabama in "I'm With Phil"

I’m With Phil

After a tornado wreaks havoc in Phil Campbell, Alabama, a global effort is spurred by people who share the small town's namesake.
An overseas volunteer pilot helping the Israeli Air Force in its first days in 1948 as depicted in "Above and Beyond".

Above and Beyond

The inspirational tale of the rise of the Israeli Air Force, "Above and Beyond" is a history lesson of a rarely acknowledged war.

Clean water project as portrayed in documentary "Slingshot"


Dean Kamen is best known as the inventor of the Segway, but his enviable search for clean water is the primary focus of the documentary "Slingshot."
Off the Floor, a documentary about pole dancing

Off the Floor

A moving documentary about the art of pole dancing.

Uranium Drive-in a documentary

Uranium Drive-In

More than just an environmental documentary, "Uranium Drive-In" presents a compelling look at both sides of a complex issue.
Vietnam lead

Last Days in Vietnam

Using interviews and archived footage, Kennedy weaves a riveting tale about a period in American history that people either choose to forget or simply ignore.