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"The Gnomist" (2015), a documentary short about the power of art, imagination, and community, is now playing at the Heartland Film Festival.

Heartland: The Gnomist

“The Gnomist” explores how the shared experiences of art and imagination can create a magical sense of hope and community.
"The Art of Richard Thompson" (2015), now playing at the Heartland Film Festival, is an informative retrospective documentary on the career of the Washington Post and "Cul de Sac" cartoonist.

Heartland: The Art of Richard Thompson

"The Art of Richard Thompson" is an informative retrospective on the career of the "Cul de Sac" creator and Washington Post cartoonist.

romeo is bleeding

Heartland: Romeo Is Bleeding

An emotionally raw feature that is uncompromising in its honesty.

Heartland: Raiders! The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made

You watch shaking your head, questioning the sanity of the filmmakers as children — and adults. Yet, by the finale, you want to give them a standing ovation.

peace officer

Heartland: Peace Officer

Filmmakers use movies to bring voice to their agendas. It’s up to viewers to choose what to accept & reject. "Peace Officer" stacks the deck too far to one side.
He Named Me Malala documentary

He Named Me Malala

A documentary that suffers because it is too superficial and reverential of its subject.

Meru Expedition, Garwhal, India

ReelBob: ‘Meru’

A documentary about three rock climbers who attempt to scale the Shark's Fin of Mount Meru in northern India.
Meru Expedition, Garwhal, India


A spectacular documentary featuring real mountain-climbing footage, "Meru" is as gripping as any action film you'll ever see.