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by Austin Lugaron July 1, 2011
Buck shows the world the kinder way to treat horses with entertaining expertise.

Free Films! – Indiepix Unlimited

by Austin Lugaron June 19, 2011
Richard Propes from The Independent Critic helps Austin recommend more films to legally watch for free.

Jackass 3.5

by Austin Lugaron June 13, 2011
Werner Herzog joins The Film Yap to provide insight into this new documentary.

American: The Bill Hicks Story

by Austin Lugaron June 7, 2011
The documentary about the comedy great doesn't focus enough on what made him great.

Cave of Forgotten Dreams 3D

by Austin Lugaron May 29, 2011
The latest Herzog documentary is too limited with its subject material.

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

by Christopher Lloydon May 26, 2011
The gimmicky documentarian strikes again, with another obvious-but-still-engaging look — this time at product placement.

Public Speaking

by Austin Lugaron May 26, 2011
The new Martin Scorsese documentary lets Fran Lebowitz and her wit shine.

Who is Morgan Spurlock?

by Austin Lugaron May 25, 2011
The director of "Super Size Me" is very likable, but how does he rank as a filmmaker?

Search for the Great Sharks

by Joe Donohueon May 18, 2011
"Search for the Great Sharks" is interesting enough but lacks the bite of Discovery Channel's ever popular Shark Week.

Free Films!: Netflix Instant

by Austin Lugaron May 14, 2011
Here are some five-star recommendations if you want to test out this free trial.