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New Voices Documentaries

A collection of four 3-minute documentaries, each a mini-portrait of unique individuals living in the United Arab Emirates. Continue reading

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Type A

A look at the topic of collaborative art, “Type A” focuses on a two-man team whose work has evolved from competition to something much more about community. Continue reading

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The Creation of Torrit Smoke

An idea so simple I’m astonished I’ve never seen it done before — a painstaking documentation of the creation of a single painting. Continue reading

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Leap Before You Look

This highly personal documentary from director Stephane Goldsand tackles his reluctance to become a father — a brave and illuminating self-portrait. Continue reading

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Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone

A documentary with some familiar shades, “Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone” is about what happens to band members after the music stops. Continue reading

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Two’s a Crowd

A quirky look at a middle-aged New York couple who have decided to move in together — nearly five years into their marriage. Continue reading

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Way of the Morris

Filmmaker Tim Plester explores his familial legacy of an ancient, ridiculous form of dance in this interesting and quaint doc. Continue reading

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The Third Wave

Following the wake of the 2004 earthquake, this documentary details human nature at its most vulnerable and most compassionate. Continue reading

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Buck shows the world the kinder way to treat horses with entertaining expertise. Continue reading

Free Films! – Indiepix Unlimited

Richard Propes from The Independent Critic helps Austin recommend more films to legally watch for free. Continue reading

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