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Matthew McConaughey stars as Kenny Wells, a washed-up gold prospector who stumbles into a billion-dollar deal, in "Gold," a 2016 comedy-drama from The Weinstein Company.


In the wake of searing party's-over socioeconomic satires like "The Wolf of Wall Street" or "The Big Short," "Gold" feels more like a bronze.

ReelBob: Bob Bloom’s top 10 films of 2016

Bob Bloom picks his top films of 2016.

Shia LeBeouf plays Jake, costarring with Sasha Lane in "American Honey"

New to View: Dec. 27

By Bob Bloom The following Blu-rays and DVDs are being released on Tuesday, Dec. 27, unless otherwise noted: American Honey (Blu-ray + Ultraviolet) Details: 2016, Lionsgate Home Entertainment Rated: R, language, sexual content, nudity, drug and alcohol use The lowdown: “American Honey” is an odyssey through a panorama of America most of us rarely see. […]
Natalie Portman portrays Jacqueline Kennedy in "Jackie," a 2016 Fox Searchlight Pictures release directed by Pablo Larraín.


The best Kennedy film in 25 years fuels no conspiratorial fires but suggests our collective complicit collusion in stoking embers of the "rosy" Camelot era.

Lion stars Dev Patel as Saroo, a boy lost thousands of miles from home in India


The true story of an Indian boy stranded 1,600 miles from home is both heartwarming and heartbreaking.
Will Smith looks sad sitting next to Helen Mirren in "Collateral Beauty," a 2016 drama directed by David Frankel and distributed by Warner Brothers / New Line Cinema.

Collateral Beauty

A shameless, soulless, deeply cynical treatment of grief as a narrative shell game that goes for "A Christmas Carol" but instead emphasizes the dick in Dickens.

New to View: Dec. 13

A romantic drama about Barack & Michelle Obama, an extended cut of "Suicide Squad" and the sci-fi thriller "Morgan" lead the week's new Blu-ray & DVD releases.
Nancy Spungen (Chloe Webb) and Sid Vicious (Gary Oldman) kiss among the garbage in Alex Cox's 1986 film "Sid and Nancy."

Class of 1986: ‘Sid and Nancy’

Not quite the imperfect perfection in which punk music so often traffics, but a film of appropriately piercing volume and knotty shape.