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The Rock serves up some vigilante justice in “Snitch.” Unfortunately, the schizophrenic plot muddles any and all potential for social commentary. Continue reading

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“Hermano” is a heartfelt and brutal tale of brotherhood set in the eclectic barrios of Venezuela. Continue reading

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You Only Live Twenty-Thrice: “Licence to Kill”

Timothy Dalton didn’t have much time to probe 007′s psyche. But the small things add up to a bigger accomplishment than is usually acknowledged. Continue reading

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You Only Live Twenty-Thrice: “Live and Let Die”

Roger Moore would have higher highs and lower lows. Still, “Live and Let Die” is a fine introduction to a 007 more prone to crack wise than crack heads. Continue reading

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A modern day “Romeo & Juliet” tale as told by Oliver Stone, “Savages” is every bit as violent as it is mediocre. Continue reading

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21 Jump Street

Channing Tatum is an unexpected riot. The script has some fun, winking touches. The film is brazen, brash and blustery. Too bad it’s not more of a blast. Continue reading

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Project X

Far less ambitious and audacious than it thinks it is, “Project X” is the sort of party where there’s too much booting and not enough rallying. Continue reading

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This unexpectedly shrewd and efficient, if imperfect, Murphy’s Law thriller is probably as close to that “Italian Job” sequel as Mark Wahlberg will ever get. Continue reading

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The Guard

“The Guard” never lives up to its potential and lives audiences wanting more. Much, much more. Continue reading

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Weeds: Season Six

“Weeds” is still on the air and has nothing to say anymore. Continue reading

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