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D-list schlock. I’d rather see what Thomas Jane spent this paycheck on. Continue reading

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The Congress

“The Congress,” starring Robin Wright, is a psychedelic meditation on identity, ownership and free will in the digital age and beyond. Continue reading

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Pay 2 Play

“Pay 2 Play” examines the influence of corporate money on politics and free speech. Continue reading

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An overlooked disaster film that’s definitely worth a rental. Continue reading

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2 Broke Girls: Season 2

“2 Broke Girls” is as broken as its leads. Continue reading

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Pain & Gain

“Pain & Gain” is pure Michael Bay, a tongue-in-cheek testament to all his excesses. Continue reading

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Bullet to the Head

“Bullet to the Head” is a pretty fitting title for Sly’s latest because that was all I wanted by the time the credits started. Continue reading

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Oz: the Great and Powerful

“Oz: The Great and Powerful” joins the ranks of every other shallow computer-generated prequel you wish you could love as much as the original.
Continue reading

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Any Day Now

Based on a true story from the 1970s, the story of a gay couple and their foster child is only slightly schmaltzy and, sadly, still relevant. Continue reading

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Gangster Squad

Blunt and brisk in its own inoffensive way, “Gangster Squad” is still a piece of meathead cinema and one that’s mostly sizzle, no steak. Continue reading

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