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Ostensibly the story of a reluctant father, what "Somewhere" does best is make you care deeply for his daughter.
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The Incredibles

Pixar's marvelous take on the superhero movie gets a Blu-ray treatment worthy of a film of its stature.

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Bitter Feast

An original recipe for horror is sullied with bargain-basement torture porn ingredients.
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Case 39

Enough with the lame "Bad Seed" wannabes. Please?

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Actress Tiffany Shepis

The scream queen talks about Corey Haim's last film appearance, making horror movies and her willingness to take off her clothes for the camera.

Best Worst Movie

You can't piss on “Best Worst Movie.” This terrific documentary about "Troll 2's" unlikely existence and unexpected resurgence won't allow it.

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I Am Love

Deep forbidden love meets bourgeoisie family duty in this lush oil painting of an Italian film.

The Film Yap Movie Ditch

The following movies comprise the current stock of The Film Yap’s Movie Ditch and any can be selected (while supplies last) as your free movie when you purchase a Film Yap t-shirt. Be sure to check back soon, because the Ditch is refilled often, and remember that if you don’t want any of these movies, you […]

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The Back-Up Plan

Just . . . no.
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The Criterion Collection

Austin and Sam discuss the popular DVD line and its impact on cinema.

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Clash of the Titans

A stripped-down summer blockbuster that arrived this spring, "Clash of the Titans" comes with excellent Blu-ray extras.

The Mini

A little bit "Rocky," a little bit "Clerks," "The Mini" is all Indianapolis.

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Valentine’s Day

On Valentine's Day there are thousands of stories about love. These are not the good ones.
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Kairo (Pulse)

This 2001 J-Horror goes for existential dread but ends up dated, depressing and dull.