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Earth to Echo

by Ben Johnsonon July 2, 2014
Cursory storytelling and glitzy special effects make "Earth to Echo" a hollow reflection of the films to which it attempts to pay homage.

You Will Be My Son

by Patrick Mitchellon February 25, 2014
"You WIll Be My Son" is a slow-burn French thriller with a dark side — a Hitchcockian family affair with thrills aplenty.

Bad Grandpa

by Patrick Mitchellon October 26, 2013
If you've seen the previews for "Bad Grandpa," you've probably seen too much to enjoy the feature presentation.


by Patrick Mitchellon May 12, 2013
Despite the Norwegian countryside as a stunning backdrop, "Escape" is a historical thriller that's all too forgettable in nearly every facet.


The Guilt Trip

by Evan Dosseyon April 30, 2013
A boilerplate road trip comedy with good leads and bad humor.

At the Mountains of Movie Madness: Week Eleven

by Austin Lugaron September 11, 2012
Austin travels to Asia for a Taiwanese kung-fu movie, Chinese romantic comedy and a Filipino drama. This article will get so many hits!!!


by Patrick Mitchellon May 2, 2012
A must-see Hebrew-language film that transcends language with its universal portrayal of family relations, specifically between parent and sibling.


by Austin Lugaron February 26, 2012
One of Martin Scorsese's best films could easily become a family classic that will inspire a new generation of storytellers.

Martha Marcy May Marlene

by Austin Lugaron February 25, 2012
The mysterious title is just a tease to a richer world full of dreamlike paranoia and reasons why I'm afraid of John Hawkes.


by Joe Sheareron November 27, 2011
One of the more engaging films of the year, "Hugo" is a wondrous journey into a fully realized world