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Ready Player One

Taking from a popular sci-fi novel about a virtual, 80's-drenched scavenger hunt, Steven Spielberg has yet again shown his talent by turning the fun, flawed novel into another incredibly enjoyable film to add to his impressive filmography.

A Wrinkle in Time

Ava DuVernay's live-action adaptation of the classic science fantasy novel is equally enjoyable, visually appealing, and disappointing.

The Insult

This marvelously acted, Oscar-nominated film from Lebanon shows how hard it is to turn the page on past depredation.

Den of Thieves

This cops and robbers crime drama shows audiences why you should never waste a story's potential.

Heartland: Jasper Jones

A flawed experience that makes up for its shortcomings with a great cast, intriguing premise and gorgeous cinematography.

Heartland: I Can I Will I Did

For tickets and showtimes, please click here.   Inspirational dramas are the types of films I don’t necessarily go out of my way to watch in my free time. To clarify, I consider inspirational dramas to be films like “Remember the Titans” or “Rocky”. In my opinion, one of their biggest problems is that they […]


An engrossing and invaluable artifact of how politics, the media and digital information combine and collide in an age unbound by limits on our curiosity.
The life and death of soul singer Amy Winehouse is documented in the new movie "Amy" (2015).


This searing and revealing portrait of Amy Winehouse reveals the beautiful soul behind the tabloid caricature; one of the year's best documentaries.