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Film on Vinyl: Inside the Recording Studio

To celebrate the vinyl release of the "District 9" score, Joe digs a little deeper into the mind of its talented composer, Clinton Shorter.

“Minions” shows us life B.G. (Before Gru)

The spinoff to "Despicable Me" hits theaters next summer; here's your first look at the movie's trailer.

Side By Side

A must-see documentary for movie lovers, an essential look into the industry and a rare opportunity to hear the giants of the industry talk about their craft.

TV to Movie Transitions

Christopher Lloyd is joined by Bob Bloom, Richard Propes and Ed Johnson-Ott to discuss stars and filmmakers who made the transition from television to film


One of the more engaging films of the year, "Hugo" is a wondrous journey into a fully realized world

Joshua Hull, “Beverly Lane”

Just in time for Halloween, Sam Watermeier chats with Joshua Hull, Hoosier filmmaker of the charming zombie comedy "Beverly Lane."

Disease Movies

In this week's show, Joe and Chris yap about "50/50" and other movies about diseases, which tend to fall either into romance or apocalyptic genres.

Baseball Movies

Joe and Chris yap about "Moneyball" and why baseball movies are often so good.