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Indy Film Fest: Baby Bump

“Baby Bump” will probably offend or even sicken some people. One thing it won’t do is bore you.

Heartland: Under Construction

A meaningful feature about Muslim culture because it eschews melodrama for quiet introspection.

Black Coal, Thin Ice

There were so many twists and turns during the third act that some of them should have dispersed throughout the previous two acts.

Wild Tales

With anarchic attitude both appalling and appealing, this subversive, satirical anthology will make you consider mankind's true nature.

Fabrizio Rongione and Oscar nominee Marion Cotillard star in "Two Days, One Night," a 2014 French drama directed by Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne.

Two Days, One Night

A social drama with real sting & a commanding turn by Marion Cotillard, this is a fascinating field study of life on the financial fringes of the working class.
Yugo Saso stars in "Cicada" (2014), an official selection of the 2014 Heartland Film Festival.


"Cicada" is a remarkably funny and warm fable about the growth and transformation caused by loss.

Michael Glover and Robyn Rosenkrantz, “Go With Le Flo”

Glover and Rosenkrantz talk about their film "Go With Le Flo," the challenges of being married and working together, and more.

Simon and the Oaks

A beautiful, sad, elegiac tale from Sweden, a bittersweet mix of summer's rapturous joy and winter's deep song of regret.