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Gods of Egypt - featured

Gods of Egypt

A prime candidate for "Mystery Science Theater 3000" heckling, "Gods of Egypt" is a trashy movie that can be enjoyed for its sins.
London Has Fallen - featured

London Has Fallen

A reasonably engaging action-thriller, in which a hard-case Secret Service agent mows through a sea of brown people to save the President.

Gods of Egypt - featured

Gods of Egypt

A goofy, giddy mashup of Egyptian mythology with the gods as superheroes. I wanted to laugh — and did — but couldn't bring myself to hate it.
Olympus Has Fallen - inside

Olympus Has Fallen

This implausible but highly entertaining thriller was the first of this year's terrorists-take-over-the-White-House trend.

Olympus Has Fallen - inside

Olympus Has Fallen

This tightly-coiled action/thriller is basically a "Die Hard" spawn, with one lawman trapped in the White House with a bunch of terrorists.
playingforkeeps - interior

Playing for Keeps

In one of the worst romcoms in recent memory, "Playing for Keeps" proves that Pee Wee soccer, not nightclubs, is where it's at for single men seeking love.

Coriolanus - inside


Ralph Fiennes' grandiose, modernistic adaptation of the little-known Shakespeare play didn't get as much attention as it deserved.

Coming to DVD & Blu-ray May 29

Celebrate the unofficial start of summer with plenty of new releases on shelves this week including "Man on a Ledge," "Gone," "Coriolanus" and "Goon."

Machine Gun Preacher - inside

Machine Gun Preacher

Just when it looks like "Machine Gun Preacher" is going to tackle some tough issues, it backs off from putting its protagonist under the microscope.
Dragon inside

How to Train Your Dragon

With the distance of a little time, "How to Train Your Dragon" is looking like the best animated film of 2010.

Bounty Hunter - inside

The Bounty Hunter

Based on this lame, cynical and boring romantic/action comedy, Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler deserve to be hauled off to cinematic detention.

Coming to DVD Feb. 16

Gerard Butler is a vengeful killer in "Law Abiding Citizen," Chris Rock looks for the secret to "Good Hair," and Audrey Tauto is Coco Chanel on DVD this week.

Gamer - inside


The action scenes of "Gamer" have a nice kinetic feel, but whenever the quasi-humans tried to emote, I felt like hitting the Off button.

Coming to DVD Jan. 19

Ricky Gervais discovers the art of truthlessness in "The Invention of Lying," on DVD this week. Also: Gerard Butler in "Gamer" and Kate Beckinsale in "Whiteout."