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2016 Blu-ray and DVD Holiday Gift Guide

Whether you're buying for film buffs or TV fans, there are plenty of gift-giving options for you this holiday season.

How the West Was Won (1962)

Epic more in aesthetics than scope, "How the West Was Won" used Cinerama to try and lure audiences back into the theaters at the close of the Golden Age.

Reeling Backward: ‘Roman Holiday’

Audrey Hepburn is absolutely delightful in her screen debut.

The Purple Plain (1954)

This 1954 British WWII romance/adventure contains two admirable halves that never quite mesh together.

Yellow Sky (1948)

"Yellow Sky" is a solid Western, but it's even better when considered for its powerful subtext.

The Bravados (1958)

Gregory Peck stars in 1958's "The Bravados," which might be termed a revisionist Western before there was such a thing.

Twelve O’Clock High (1949)

An unusual war picture for 1949, "Twelve O'Clock High" is less about aerial combat than what happens on the ground between missions.

Evil on the Rise

With the popularity of films like Megamind, Austin has thought of ways to retell classic films from the perspective of the villains.