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Machete Kills

by Patrick Mitchellon October 12, 2013
Machete kills, all right, but the only thing left for dead is the recent resurgence of exploitative schlock.

21 Jump Street

by Nick Rogerson March 14, 2012
Channing Tatum is an unexpected riot. The script has some fun, winking touches. The film is brazen, brash and blustery. Too bad it's not more of a blast.


by Joe Sheareron February 28, 2011
The Rock is back in all his glory in this brawny, uneven, ultimately brainless action flick.

Heroes of the Zeroes: No Country for Old Men

by Nick Rogerson August 3, 2010
"No Country for Old Men" — the chilling pitch-black flipside of the Coens' "Raising Arizona" — continues Nick Rogers' look at the 365 best films of 2000-2009.

One Hundred Mornings

by Joe Sheareron July 12, 2010
"One Hundred Mornings" is an arresting, affecting film that doesn't just go beyond its premise, it transcends it.

An Interview with Dolph Lundgren

by Joe Sheareron March 19, 2009
Who doesn't remember Dolph Lundgren's turn as Ivan Drago, the mountainous steroid-fueled Soviet killing machine that killed Rocky Balboa's best friend in "Rocky IV"?