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Chicken Cowboy

A daffy and amusing animated short whose title says it all. It’s like Salvador Dali meets classic Warner Bros. cartoons. Continue reading


“Sergio” is both uplifting and sobering in its look at the life and death of Sergio Vieira de Mellow, the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, who was killed in the early days of the Iraq war. Continue reading

My Name is Jerry

This wonderful humorous drama gives Doug Jones an opportunity to step out from behind Hollywood’s monster masks and reveal a genuinely talented actor. Continue reading

Small Collection

Jeremiah Crowell’s simple yet affecting short film captures the life of a romance through snippets of conversation and images of places. Continue reading

The Final Inch

“The Final Inch” is a preachy, but powerful documentary about the fight to eradicate polio in India and around the world. Continue reading

Bicycle (Jitensha)

“Bicycle” is a story of hope, about an inward-directed man who must lose everything, including his only transportation, in order to find himself. Continue reading


European relief workers in Northern Uganda face a terrible choice while trying to bring food to refugees and save the lives of children. Continue reading

Marbles with Thoreau

“Marbles with Thoreau” is a gorgeously photographed depiction of a fictional encounter between some poor children and the iconic author. Continue reading


The plight of slavery may seem like a centuries-old problem, but “Kavi” powerfully depicts the lives of those trapped in servitude. Continue reading

Side by Side

This simple yet emotionally powerful film by Christian Sonderby Jepsen explores the topic of two neighbors who haven’t spoken for decades. Continue reading

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