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"Hoop Dreams Africa" offers a new twist on the tale of the aspiring professional basketball player by adding a cultural barrier.
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Facing Forward

A nice snapshot of the plight of the teacher, "Facing Forward" takes a no-nonsense look at how, in the hands of the right people, education produces success even in the inner city.

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Red Dog

One of the more earnestly charming films I've seen this year — one that knows what it wants to do, does it spectacularly well, and charms your pants right off.
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The Redemption of General Butt Naked

Don't be fooled by the silly title. This movie is deadly serious, a powerful film.

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The dummies chatter all day, and they have their puppets with them, too.
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10 Mountains 10 Years

Maybe there should be two mountain climbing Alzheimer's movies?

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Geoff Marslett, “Mars”

Marslett talks about casting his film, using a hybrid animation style, and creating a president that avoids referencing politics.
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Heartland announces 2010 winners!

"The Space Between" wins best drama feature, while "Freedom Riders" is honored as the top documentary and "Butterfly Circus" is named best short film.