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Yankles inside

The Yankles

"Major League" with peyos, and not really in a good way.
Waste Land inside

Waste Land

The old expression says one man's trash is another man's treasure. For artist Viktor Muniz it's art.

Butterfly Circus inside

The Butterfly Circus

The message of "The Butterfly Circus" is simple (and perhaps simplistic), but timeless.
Frog in the Well inside

Frog in the Well

You will not find a more beautifully shot film than Ken Ochiai's "Frog in the Well."

Mr. Rogers inside

Mister Rogers and Me

A film about a man who was genuinely, through and through good.
God of Love filmmaker - lede

Luke Matheny, “God of Love”

The filmmaker won a student Oscar for "God of Love," a quirky 18-minute film about love and darts.

God of Love - inside

God of Love

Just 18 minutes long, this tidy comic gem feels full and complete in itself. Writer/director/star Luke Matheny is one to watch.
Lt. Dan inside

Lt. Dan Band: For The Common Good

It is good to see a film that deals with the wars in a wholly non-political way, but why focus just on this band?

Bag It inside

Bag It

Yes, it's another save-the-environment doc, but this one's worth it.


Hey, it's better than "Rumor Has It."

Rob Reiner inside

Director Rob Reiner

The director sits down to discuss his latest film "Flipped," working with children, and getting "Meatheaded" on a regular basis.
Rob Reiner Indianapolis inside1

Flipped Press Conference

Beloved director Rob Reiner was in downtown Indianapolis to receive a Truly Moving Picture Award for his new film Flipped.

Gloria La Morte - inside

Gloria La Morte

Gloria La Morte, the co-writer and co-director of the Crystal Heart Award-winning "Entre Nos," talks about making a very personal film with partner Paola Mendoza.
Welcome - inside


Lindon and Ayverdi give great performances and this is one of the rare films that you consider yourself lucky to have seen. A truly moving piece of cinema.