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Cinderella - lede


"Cinderella" discovers the magic that other recent live-action adaptations of animated fairy-tale classics have lacked.
Great Expectations - inside

Great Expectations

Dickens' dusty tome finds new life in this ravishing adaptation about an orphan pushed and pulled into high society.

BFF zero - inside

British Film Focus

Terry Gilliam's new film, a hardcore British prison drama and Tom Hardy does "Phone Booth" in a car
LoneRanger Inside

The Lone Ranger

Disney’s feeble attempt at recapturing the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise magic feels more like a beaten dead horse than a rip-roaring good time.

Great Expectations - inside

Great Expectations

Blessed with ravishingly good performances and a smart distilling of Charles Dickens' novel, "Great Expectations" is the adaptation that surprises.
BFF pegg frost - inside

British Film Focus

It's summertime in England and the "Cornetto Trilogy" is about to be complete.

The Lone Ranger - inside

The Lone Ranger

Big, loud and aggressively dumb, "The Lone Ranger" is basically "Pirates of the Caribbean 5" — where more is always more and the audience wishes it were less.
Les Miserables - inside

Les Misérables

Though it didn't get the respect and Oscar bling it deserved, "Les Misérables" was the most emotionally transporting cinematic journey of 2012.