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The Inbetweeners: The Complete Series

This raunchy British sitcom could be called “Superbad: The TV Show,” and that’s not a bad thing. Continue reading

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21 Jump Street

Channing Tatum is an unexpected riot. The script has some fun, winking touches. The film is brazen, brash and blustery. Too bad it’s not more of a blast. Continue reading

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Facing Forward

A nice snapshot of the plight of the teacher, “Facing Forward” takes a no-nonsense look at how, in the hands of the right people, education produces success even in the inner city. Continue reading

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Like a candy necklace, “Prom” is sugary and light: a fantastical teendom with no angst in sight. And that’s not a bad thing. Continue reading

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Thanks to a strong sense of realism, “Terri” stands out amongst other coming-of-age films. Continue reading

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The Beautiful Person

A curious film but never an impacting one. Continue reading

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My Soul to Take

The movie is insane, but does it know it’s insane? I don’t think so… Continue reading

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Easy A

With an intelligence that belies both its genre and its target audience, “Easy A” is a refreshing gust of wind in the typically bluster-less fall movie season. Continue reading

More Classics in High School!

With Easy A bringing The Scarlet Letter into high school, Austin adapts some more classic novels. Continue reading

Heroes of the Zeroes: The Rookie (2002)

“The Rookie” — a G-rated sports film able to diminish the manliest men to mush — continues Nick Rogers’ daily look back at the 365 best films of 2000-2009. Continue reading

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