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CUB director Jonas Govaerts new movie

30 Days of October: Director Jonas Govaerts, “Cub”

Yapper Joshua Hull chats with the director of the director of "Cub" about his inspiration and influences, and the state of horror films.
The review new of Exists

30 Days of October: Jamie Nash, “Exists”

The screenwriter of the new Bigfoot-themed found-footage horror movie talks to Joshua Hull as part of his ongoing series on upcoming horror films.

No Sleep October: Candyman (1992)

Horror movie novice Evan Dossey looks in a mirror and says "Candyman," only to reflect unimpressed.

No Sleep October: Halloween (1978) & Friday the 13th (1980)

Horror movie novice Evan Dossey takes a look at Halloween (1978) and Friday the 13th (1980)

The Scooby Doo Corollary

There's a killer after, I have an idea. Let's break off into small groups.

Actress Tiffany Shepis

The scream queen talks about Corey Haim's last film appearance, making horror movies and her willingness to take off her clothes for the camera.

Haven’t we already ‘Saw’ it?

What really astonishes is that they are already revving up for a "Saw VII" and beyond. There are rumors of it going until it celebrates its tenth anniversary. Yikes!

Critics Hate Horror

In this week's podcast show, Joe and Chris talk about how film critics as a whole have dissed horror and other exploitation genres.