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Great performances, wonderful technical work and dedication to chaos creates a horror film that it's hard to believe a studio distributed as a wide release.

New to View: Sept. 12

Tom Cruise's "Mummy" reboot, the cultural comedy "Beatriz at Dinner" and an anniversary restoration of "E.T." lead this week's new Blu-ray and DVD releases.


"It" is a beautifully old-fashioned horror flick. You'll feel like a kid again as it washes over you. You'll float, too.

Death Note (2017)

Adam Wingard's live-action adaptation of the popular anime franchise for Netflix features great performances, fun direction and incredibly flawed writing.

New to View: May 16

Teen romance "The Space Between Us," the final chapter of the "Resident Evil" film series and the cult classic "Willard" lead this week's new releases.

Get Out

Jordan Peele crafts a wickedly funny scarefest about a young black man who meets his white girlfriend's parents, and discovers they are terrifying.

Richie Gecko (Quentin Tarantino) and Seth Gecko (George Clooney) look on in disbelief as Santanico Pandemonium (Salma Hayek) holds court in 1996's "From Dusk Till Dawn," a Dimension Films release.

Class of 1996: ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’

Quentin Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez's vampire-siege flick sizzles like capsaicin-spiked grindhouse meatloaf baked & served under the wire of its sell-by date.

New to View: Oct. 25

The horror film "Lights Out," the action-suspense thriller "Nerve" and a lackluster "Independence Day" sequel lead this week's new Blu-ray and DVD releases.