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“Horns” feels a bit half-baked at times, but the premise and lead actors make it one worth watching this October. Continue reading

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As Above/So Below

“As Above/So Below” takes audiences on a haunted hayride through a maze of bones, ghosts and pop psychology. Continue reading

Post Mortem: The Walking Dead, Season Three

With the release on DVD and Blu Ray of what may be the finest season of “The Walking Dead” yet, The Film Yap takes a look back at the hard lessons learned from the series’ fatally flawed Season Three. Continue reading

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Rosemary’s Baby

NBC’s remake of Roman Polanski’s “Rosemary’s Baby” feels more like a cheesy Lifetime movie with an inflated budget than a serious horror film. Continue reading

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Barracuda (1978)

A weakly plotted conspiracy thriller disguised as a “Jaws” ripoff, “Barracuda” has little in the way of thrills and even less bite. Continue reading

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Blood Diner (1987)

I scratch and claw my way to the bottom of a seemingly bottomless barrel, and every now and again I’m rewarded with an insta-schlock gem like “Blood Diner” Continue reading

The Yap’s Own Joshua Hull in the Director’s Chair

Film Yap writer Joshua Hull is finding himself in the position of the filmmakers he writes about on this website. Continue reading

Ken Kirzinger, “Joy Ride 3″

The actor talks playing iconic slasher movie villains, being responsible for safety on set, and playing Jason (again). Continue reading

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Blood Widow (2014)

“Blood Widow” embraces all things Schlock and delivers one helluva good time. Continue reading

Lou Simon, “HazMat”

The indie horror director talks making scary movies, making it as a female director and the secret to good horror. Continue reading

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