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The Jungle Book - featured

The Jungle Book

A mix of stunning CGI creatures and nods to the 1967 animated classic, "The Jungle Book" is a kid-pleasing mashup of somethings old and new.
Zootopia - featured


A middle-shelf offering from the Disney animation empire, entertaining with a little too much message for the intended audience.

The Big Short - featured

Oscar preview 2016

Joe Shearer, Sam Watermeier and Christopher Lloyd talk the Academy Awards -- who will win, who should win and everything in between.
Sean Penn stars in "The Gunman," a 2015 action-thriller directed by Pierre Morel ("Taken") and released by Open Road Films.

The Gunman

An ill fit for Sean Penn on fronts of art and altruism, "The Gunman" plays like something the actor, co-writer and producer probably loathes: "voluntourism."

INDIANAPOLIS!! Win Passes to “No Good Deed”!

Win passes to a special screening of "No Good Deed," the new movie starring Idris Elba and Taraji P. Henson on Sept. 10!
Thor the Dark World - inside

Thor: The Dark World

Why does Hollywood keep trying to insert some much-unneeded "darkness" into our popcorn movies?

Pacific Rim - inside

Pacific Rim

The best movie of the summer gets a sumptuous release on video.
Pacific Rim - inside

Pacific Rim

Guillermo del Toro's giant robots vs. giant monsters flick doesn't really add up to more than a good time. But what a time it is.