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IFJA names “Lady Bird” Best Film of the year

"Lady Bird" wins record five awards total, including Best Actress, Director, Original Screenplay and Supporting Actress; "The Shape of Water" named runner-up for Best Film.

Larry Lannan podcast

Chris sits down with Fishers podcaster Larry Lannan to talk about movies and the Indiana Film Journalist Association's annual awards.

Indiana Film Journalists Association names “Moonlight” Best Film of 2016

Indiana film critics weigh in with their picks for the best movies of the year, with "Moonlight" taking top honors as Best Film.

IFJA deliberates the Best Picture of 2015

Ever wanted to sneak inside the room where critics are debating their awards? Now you can, as members of the Indiana Film Journalists Association discuss the Best Picture of 2015.

“Spotlight,” “Room” win top honors from Indiana Film Journalists Association

Indiana film critics named "Spotlight" the best film of the year, while "Room" came in as runner-up. Click for complete awards coverage.

IFJA film awards for 2014

Ever wondered what it's like to go inside the deliberations of a regional film critics' group as they debate the contenders for best picture of the year?

“Boyhood” tops Indiana film critic awards

The Indiana Film Journalists Association gives out its annual film awards, with "Boyhood," "Whiplash" and "The Grand Budapest Hotel" the top winners.

Indiana film critics debate Best Film award

Ever wondered what it's like to listen to film critics as they debate their annual awards? You can go behind the scenes to hear Indiana journalists debate Best Film.