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Diana Elizabeth Torres, “East Side Sushi”

The woman behind Juana in “East Side Sushi,” playing at the Heartland Film Festival, talks her first leading role, learning to become a believable on-screen chef, and acting for Paul Thomas Anderson. Continue reading

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Off the Floor

A moving documentary about the art of pole dancing. Continue reading

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Uranium Drive-In

More than just an environmental documentary, “Uranium Drive-In” presents a compelling look at both sides of a complex issue. Continue reading

30 Days of October: Director Patrick Brice, “Creep”

The director of the new movie “Creep” discusses horror films and his new movie. Continue reading

It’s Time For ‘A Clockwork Orange’ at Midnight Madness

  Landmark Theatres continues its October Midnight Madness schedule with the 1971 Sci-Fi thriller “A Clockwork Orange.” This Stanley Kubrick cult classic and much discussed and debated film is based on the 1962 Alex Burgess novel. The film takes place … Continue reading

Jude Law seeks sunken Nazi treasure in “Black Sea” trailer

Jude Law is a treasure hunter in search of some of Hitler’s lost gold in the upcoming movie “Black Sea,” from Kevin McDonald (“The Last King of Scotland”). In the trailer we see Law assemble a team of divers to … Continue reading

30 Days of October: Director Jonas Govaerts, “Cub”

Yapper Joshua Hull chats with the director of the director of “Cub” about his inspiration and influences, and the state of horror films. Continue reading

2005’s “King Kong” & Its Coming Prequel

The upcoming King Kong movie “Skull Island” explores the origins of Kong. Continue reading

Midnight Madness Runs “The Shining”

Landmark Theatres begins its October Midnight Madness series with the 1980 horror classic, “The Shining.” Continue reading

INDIANAPOLIS! Win Passes to “Gone Girl”!

Win free movie passes to an advance screening of the new film “Gone Girl,” starring Ben Affleck and directed by David Fincher. Continue reading

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