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Great performances, wonderful technical work and dedication to chaos creates a horror film that it's hard to believe a studio distributed as a wide release.

Death Note (2017)

Adam Wingard's live-action adaptation of the popular anime franchise for Netflix features great performances, fun direction and incredibly flawed writing.

8 summer movies you need to see

The summer movie season is off to a great start. Here are the essential films for summer viewing.

Oscar Nominations, Snubs and Reactions

The Academy Award nominations for 2016 are in: Who are the big winners and losers?

Buried Treasures: Head

This wild, hallucinatory drug-trip of a movie features the Monkees trashing their clean-cut image.

20th Century Women

Inching along like a bad Woody Allen movie, "20th Century Women" is one of this Oscar season's worst offerings.

Andy Ray’s Top 10 Films of 2016

Andy Ray selects his favorites of 2016.

Buried Treasures: ‘The Last Seduction’

This is an ambitious picture – one that is equal parts satisfying and frightening.