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20th Century Women

Inching along like a bad Woody Allen movie, "20th Century Women" is one of this Oscar season's worst offerings.

Andy Ray’s Top 10 Films of 2016

Andy Ray selects his favorites of 2016.

Buried Treasures: ‘The Last Seduction’

This is an ambitious picture – one that is equal parts satisfying and frightening.

Buried Treasures: Bound

This film was way ahead of its time. It succeeds on many different levels.


This understated yet moving tale of the interracial couple who inspired a landmark Supreme Court decision is one of the year's best.

Interview with “Reparation” Director Kyle Ham

The Film Yap spoke with the director of locally filmed "Reparation."


A brilliant psychological drama filmed on location in Putnam County, Indiana.

Buried Treasures: ‘Night of the Living Dead’ & ‘Dawn of the Dead’

These two early zombie films are so good they blow the others away.