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Uzumasa Limelight

“Uzumasa Limelight" is a moving piece of cinema that charms and shines the spotlight on one of Japan’s premier Kirareyaku artists, and its ending is beautiful.
Image of Ben Dobyns

Ben Dobyns, Executive Producer of “Dark Dungeons”

Ben Dobyns, executive producer of "Dark Dungeons," talks about the film, life as an independent producer and the power of crowdfunding.

Lou Simon, director of the horror film "HazMat"

Lou Simon, “HazMat”

The indie horror director talks making scary movies, making it as a female director and the secret to good horror.

Short Term 12

Brie Larson delivers a tremendous breakthrough performance in this understated and moving exploration of social services and safety.

Your Sister’s Sister

Three trite twentysomethings accept whatever destiny is handed to them because work is hard and stuff.

Liberal Arts

"Liberal Arts" isn't going to change your life, but it is a pleasing diversion.


Though somewhat uneven, this story of a rock-star reunion is strengthened by excellent leads and provides a fitting tribute to its late star, Tracy Wright.


With all the high brow qualities of a Wes Anderson film but without any of the subtle humor, "Beginners" falls just short of painfully boring.