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Sleeping with Other People - lede

Sleeping with Other People

One of the smartest and most ambitious romantic films in a while, "Sleeping with Other People" laughs at the tragedy of love.
Wildlike - featured


A beautiful-looking film that contrasts the amazing Alaskan vistas with the often ugly inner human turmoil.

onedayinapril - feat

One Day in April

Bloomington's world renowned "Little 500" is every bit as grueling and triumphant as "Breaking Away" romanticized.

Forever Into Space

This film is like its characters — pretentious and self-congratulatory.

Chorus movie 2015


This acclaimed tale of loss and reconnection is a mixed bag: equal parts compelling and heavy-handed.
Tony Hale and Adam Pally star in "Night Owls," an Indy Film Fest selection.

Night Owls

A serio-comic look at the lives of two 20-somethings, "Night Owls" makes two young people confront and question their lives and choices.

Ada - featured


This characters doing unbelievable things make for an underwhelming romantic drama from Turkey.
Abandoned Goods - featured

Abandoned Goods

This documentary short explores the horde of art works created by mentally ill patients at a British hospital over the course of decades.

The Many Sad Fates of Mr. Toledano - featured

The Many Sad Fates of Mr. Toledano

One man's obsessive exploration of his potential tragic endings makes for a compelling documentary short.
First Degree - featured

First Degree

College degree programs for prison inmates are explored in this insightful short doc.

Elgin Park - featured

Elgin Park

This outstanding documentary short examines the work of a man trying to recreate his hometown in hand-crafted models.
Making It In America - featured

Making it in America

This short documentary approaches the immigration debate from the straightforward perspective of a woman working toward a simple dream.

Morphine - featured

Morphine: Journey of Dreams

"Morphine" follows the standard rock 'n' roll documentary format, but it's still a compelling portrait of lost glory.
Forced Perspective - featured

Forced Perspective: The Story of Artist Derek Hess

This keen documentary explores the life and career of Derek Hess, who go this start drawing flyers for rock bands.