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Forced Perspective - featured

Forced Perspective: The Story of Artist Derek Hess

This keen documentary explores the life and career of Derek Hess, who go this start drawing flyers for rock bands.
Peanut Gallery - featured

Peanut Gallery

Molly Gandour turns the camera on her own family to delve into their memories of a desperate tragedy that still divides them.

For Grace - featured

For Grace

An ambitious, inspiring doc about an ambitious chef and what it truly means to become the best at something.
Dirty Beautiful - featured

Dirty Beautiful

This first feature film from Tim Bartell shows all the verve of young talent, and all the jitters.

Chrysalis - featured


A high-concept horror film set in a post-apocalyptic world where a virus is turning people into cannibals.
Kevin Pank and Mark Helenowski

Kevin Pang, “For Grace”

Kevin Pang, one of the directors of the Indy Film Fest documentary "For Grace," talks about following a chef for more than a year.