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This characters doing unbelievable things make for an underwhelming romantic drama from Turkey.

Abandoned Goods

This documentary short explores the horde of art works created by mentally ill patients at a British hospital over the course of decades.

The Many Sad Fates of Mr. Toledano

One man's obsessive exploration of his potential tragic endings makes for a compelling documentary short.

First Degree

College degree programs for prison inmates are explored in this insightful short doc.

Elgin Park

This outstanding documentary short examines the work of a man trying to recreate his hometown in hand-crafted models.

Making it in America

This short documentary approaches the immigration debate from the straightforward perspective of a woman working toward a simple dream.

Morphine: Journey of Dreams

"Morphine" follows the standard rock 'n' roll documentary format, but it's still a compelling portrait of lost glory.

Forced Perspective: The Story of Artist Derek Hess

This keen documentary explores the life and career of Derek Hess, who go this start drawing flyers for rock bands.