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Robbie Pickering, Writer/Director, “Natural Selection”

by Joe Sheareron July 16, 2011
Pickering speaks of basing his film on real life, creating characters who are more than archetypes and avoiding politics in a film about conservative Christians.

The Green Wave

by Christopher Lloydon July 15, 2011
A powerful look at the Green Revolution of Iran in 2009 told through interviews, archival footage and haunting animation.

Hannah Fidell, “We’re Glad You’re Here”

by Joe Sheareron July 14, 2011
The filmmaker behind "We're Glad You're Here" discusses her film as a feminist experiment, filling a hole in the independent-film scene and life imitating art.

Something Left, Something Taken

by Joe Sheareron July 14, 2011
An adorably informative short film, "Something Left, Something Taken" is THE animated film for fans of "CSI" but is middle-school appropriate.

Indy Film Fest 2011

by Christopher Lloydon July 13, 2011
In this week's show, Joe and Chris yap about 2011's Indianapolis International Film Festival, running July 14-24.

Natural Selection

by Joe Sheareron July 13, 2011
A provocative, enlightening and interesting film, "Natural Selection" is a film that isn't afraid to take dramatic risks.


by Christopher Lloydon July 12, 2011
Three never-intertwining tales of working-class men are a wonderful example of cinematic portraits for the simple sake of portraiture.

These Amazing Shadows

by Christopher Lloydon July 12, 2011
A movie that's a paean to other movies might seem like navel-gazing. But "These Amazing Shadows" is a well-made, insightful overview of the history of cinema.

The City Dark

by Christopher Lloydon July 12, 2011
Director Ian Cheney's exploration of the topic of light pollution is illuminating and raises some questions that may not have occurred to you.

The Flaw

by Christopher Lloydon July 12, 2011
An examination of the causes of the Great Recession, "The Flaw" brings us face-to-face with the losers in the real estate bubble.