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We're Glad You're Here inside

Hannah Fidell, “We’re Glad You’re Here”

The filmmaker behind "We're Glad You're Here" discusses her film as a feminist experiment, filling a hole in the independent-film scene and life imitating art.
Something_Left,_Something_Taken inside

Something Left, Something Taken

An adorably informative short film, "Something Left, Something Taken" is THE animated film for fans of "CSI" but is middle-school appropriate.


Indy Film Fest 2011

In this week's show, Joe and Chris yap about 2011's Indianapolis International Film Festival, running July 14-24.
Natural-Selection inside

Natural Selection

A provocative, enlightening and interesting film, "Natural Selection" is a film that isn't afraid to take dramatic risks.

Statesmen - inside


Three never-intertwining tales of working-class men are a wonderful example of cinematic portraits for the simple sake of portraiture.
These Amazing Shadows - inside

These Amazing Shadows

A movie that's a paean to other movies might seem like navel-gazing. But "These Amazing Shadows" is a well-made, insightful overview of the history of cinema.

The City Dark - inside

The City Dark

Director Ian Cheney's exploration of the topic of light pollution is illuminating and raises some questions that may not have occurred to you.
The Flaw - inside

The Flaw

An examination of the causes of the Great Recession, "The Flaw" brings us face-to-face with the losers in the real estate bubble.

Summer Pasture - inside

Summer Pasture

This spare, elegiac documentary is an intimate look at the lives of nomads in Kham, Tibet.
Boys of Bonneville - inside

Boys of Bonneville: Racing on a Ribbon of Salt

A mesmerizing portrait of a forgotten racing legend, his son and his historic car, "Boys of Bonneville: Racing on a Ribbon of Salt" is a cinematic thrill ride.

Better the World - inside

Better This World

This often insightful documentary looks at the case of two supposed homegrown terrorists who were railroaded by the system.
Cinema Komunisto - inside

Cinema Komunisto

This oft-riveting look at the state-run cinema of Yugoslavia during the Cold War takes us into a world few Americans have seen.

Of Fish and Men - inside

New Voices Documentaries

A collection of four 3-minute documentaries, each a mini-portrait of unique individuals living in the United Arab Emirates.
Type A - inside

Type A

A look at the topic of collaborative art, "Type A" focuses on a two-man team whose work has evolved from competition to something much more about community.