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Dan Abramovici, actor/co-writer, “Ben’s At Home”

The star/produers/co-writer of “Ben’s At Home”spoke to The Film Yap about his film, Ben’s decision to stay in, and the Canadian film scene. Continue reading

Ruth Thomas-Suh, “Reject”

The director of this documentary about rejection’s effect on the human psyche speaks to the science behind her assertions and whether strategies are working. Continue reading

Michael Glover and Robyn Rosenkrantz, “Go With Le Flo”

Glover and Rosenkrantz talk about their film “Go With Le Flo,” the challenges of being married and working together, and more. Continue reading

Writer/Director Hannah Fidell, “A Teacher”

Fidell discusses her film, about a high school teacher embroiled in a passionate affair with a student. Continue reading

Writer/Director Nicolas Winding Refn, “Only God Forgives”

One of Hollywood’s hottest young directors discusses his movie “Only God Forgives.” Continue reading

Author Elmore Leonard, Part II

In honor of the late, great Elmore Leonard, here is our interview with him from Dec. 2010. Continue reading

Author Elmore Leonard, Part I

In Part 1 of this interview Leonard discusses the movie versions of his books, his thoughts on “Justified,” and cheap Hollywood studio men Continue reading

Vince Grashaw, Director/Producer/Co-Writer, “Coldwater”

The Film Yap sits down with Vince Grashaw, director, producer and writer of “Coldwater,” which is playing at the Indy Film Fest. Continue reading

“Medora” co-director Andrew Cohn

Andrew Cohn, co-director of the documentary “Medora” about a small-town Indiana high school basketball team, talks about making the film. Continue reading

The Miz, WWE Superstar/”The Marine 3: Homefront”

The WWE Superstar and former reality show contestant tries his hand at acting with “The Marine 3: Homefront.” Continue reading

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