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MCU Retrospective, Parts 16/17—”Guardians Vol. 2″ & “Spider-Man: Homecoming”

In this entry, we get goofy with the Guardians again AND get reintroduced to our favorite wall-crawling web-slinger.

MCU Retrospective, Part 12—”Avengers: Age of Ultron”

It's amazing what a few flaws and a monstrous reputation to uphold can do to a film's legacy, despite all of its undeniable strengths.

MCU Retrospective: Complete List

Behind on our MCU Retrospective series? Check here for a complete list of entries to make sure you're prepped for "Avengers: Infinity War!"

MCU Retrospective, Part 6—”The Avengers”

This week's entry to our series preparing for "Avengers: Infinity War" brings us to the 2012 milestone culmination of Marvel's Phase One: "The Avengers."

MCU Retrospective, #1-3: Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2

In this weekly series, we prepare for "Avengers: Infinity War" by looking back at Marvel Studios' decade-long franchise and reviewing each film along the way.

New to View: Sept. 13

"Captain America: Civil War," "The Conjuring 2" and a collector's edition of Brian De Palma's "Raising Cain" lead this week's new Blu-ray and DVD releases.

Here’s some Captain America: Civil War Plot Info

In Captain America: Civil War, Iron Man & Captain America fight each other. They fight each other because they disagree about a new law that would need superheroes to team up with the government. Captain America thinks the new law is a bad idea, while Iron Man agrees with the new law.Black Widow, Falcon & […]

Avengers: Age of Ultron

The banter between the heroes amid their adventures is fun and everything, but this superhero sequel only feels truly great when the villain is on screen.