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Iron Man 3 -  inside

Iron Man 3

After three solo outings and an Avengers tie-in, Iron Man is showing lots of rust.
World War Z - inside

World War Z

The movie they made of "World War Z" is fitfully engaging. It just has nothing at all to do with the book on which it was purportedly based.

The Lone Ranger - inside

The Lone Ranger

Big, loud and aggressively dumb, "The Lone Ranger" is basically "Pirates of the Caribbean 5" — where more is always more and the audience wishes it were less.
Iron Man 3 -  inside

Iron Man 3

Over time, superhero mythology gets junked up with tertiary characters and subplots. "Iron Man 3" has taken this hardware as far as it can go.

Shame inside


In a year full of impressive Michael Fassbender movies, this ranks as the best.

The Grey

It's not "Taken" with wolves or "He Fought a Zoo." It's a mostly masterful meditation on mourning and the value of dying in the company of that which calms us.

Shame - inside


An amazing performance from Michael Fassbender in a revealing portrait of an addict whose craving happens to be sex.
BFF 5 shame - inside

The Bath Film Festival Day 8

"Shame" is a very raw film about sexual addiction and its NC-17 rating means it's not for the fainthearted. But it's excellent, serious cinema nonetheless.