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Kingsman - Lede

Kingsman: The Secret Service

One of the year's brashest, daffiest hits, "Kingsman" is a send-up of the spy genre that nevertheless embraces its 007 action.

The Woman in Black

Were it part of a horror anthology, this would've been a stronger supernatural tale. As it is, an endless slog of midnights dreary will make you weak and weary.

The Debt - inside

The Debt

A gripping, well-told drama with splendid acting by some seasoned performers as well as younger thespians playing the same characters 30 years earlier.
Kick-Ass - inside


The most polarizing film of the year gets an ass-kicking video release replete with awesome features.

Aaron Johnson interview within post

Aaron Johnson, aka “Kick-Ass”

The Yap's Lauren Whalen talks comics, indies and tabloids with the "Kick-Ass" star.
20 in 10 Kick Ass

Chris reviews Kick-Ass

Chris offers his take on the comic book movie with a taste for ultra-violence.


Superhero shenanigans meet satirical snark in this much-anticipated comic caper.