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Central Intelligence - featured

Central Intelligence

Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson have winning screen presence, but "Central Intelligence" just isn't nearly as funny as it thinks it is.
Rebecca Hall, Jason Bateman and Joel Edgerton (who also wrote and directed) star in "The Gift," a 2015 psychological thriller from STX Entertainment.

The Gift

Co-star/writer/director Joel Edgerton delivers a confidently patient, psychologically potent and wonderfully acted parable about victimization and vindication.

Horrible Bosses 2 - inside

Horrible Bosses 2

The incompetent trio of murderers is back with an even bigger plan, and even fewer brains than before.
Horrible Bosses 2 - inside

Horrible Bosses 2

In this unnecessary sequel, the jokes come fast, fast, fast and mostly miss, miss, miss.

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This Is Where I Leave You - inside

This Is Where I Leave You

Dysfunction gets the sad-and-funny treatment with "This Is Where I Leave You," time well spent with a terrific cast.

Bad Words - inside

Bad Words

Some movies seem dark, but for the most part they’re pretenders. “Bad Words” is not one of them, barreling into offensive territory and daring you not to laugh.
Bad Words - inside

Bad Words

This pitch-black comedy directed by and starring Jason Bateman is a masterpiece of discomfort.

INDIANAPOLIS!! Win Passes to “Bad Words”!

(NOTE: This is the red-band trailer, which contains salty language and situations) Hey there Yappers! Enter here for free passes to “Bad Words,” starring Jason Bateman, Wednesday, March 26 at 7:30 pm! To enter: 1) go to The Film Yap’s Facebook page, find the post that asks the Movie Question of the day for “Bad […]

Identity Thief

Overall "Identity Thief" is an enjoyable movie and a great way to spend a Friday night. Don't expect anything new, but do expect to laugh.

Identity Thief - inside

Identity Thief

For a movie that's a gender-swapped variation of "Midnight Run," "Identity Thief" is a pretty amiable rip-off.
The Change-Up inside

The Change-Up

What do you do when you have a tired premise like a body-switching movie? WORK HARD TO MAKE IT EVEN WORSE.

The Change Up

Coming to DVD and Blu-ray Nov. 8

Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman make quite a switch in "The Change-Up" and an epic final installment arrives in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II."

Horrible Bosses

Murder has never been this funny, when three guys decide to achieve the American dream and kill their bosses.